28901Fed to Hold Rates for a Time: Minutes1/3/2020 7:40:29 PM"Federal Reserve officials agreed that the current interest rate stance is likely to remain unchanged for a period of time, despite raising concerns that low interest rates could exacerbate imbalances in the financial sector, minutes of the December policy meeting showed. Policymakers also pledged to discuss changes to the way the central bank manages liquidity in financial markets at future meetings, including the potential role of a standing repo facility, the setting of administered rates, and the composition of the Fed's holdings of Treasury securities over the longer run."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/united-states/interest-rate
28817Fed Signals No Plans to Cut in 202012/11/2019 8:00:39 PM"The Federal Reserve left the target range for its federal funds rate unchanged at 1.5-1.75 percent on December 11th 2019 and signaled no plans to cut in 2020. The decision came in line with market expectations. Policymakers consider the current stance of monetary policy appropriate to support sustained growth, strong labor market conditions, and inflation near the 2% target."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/12112019190259.htm
28713Fed Unlikely to Cut Rates Further11/20/2019 7:20:09 PM"The Fed considers that the current fed funds rate of 1.5-1.75% will remain appropriate, as long as incoming information about the economy did not result in a reassessment of the economic outlook, minutes from the last FOMC meeting showed, suggesting no further rate cuts should be expected in the near future."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/11202019192009.htm
28674Fed Likely to Keep Rates Steady11/13/2019 4:49:09 PM"The Fed sees the current stance of monetary policy as likely to remain appropriate as long as incoming information about the economy remains broadly consistent with the outlook of moderate economic growth, a strong labor market, and inflation near the 2 percent objective, Fed Chair said in prepared remarks to a US Congress committee, suggesting the central bank will leave the fed funds rate on hold for some time. Powell also showed concerns about the current fiscal policy saying that the federal budget is on an unsustainable path, with high and rising debt."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/11132019144700.htm
28599Fed Cuts Rates but Signals Pause to Easing Cycle10/30/2019 7:03:06 PM"The Federal Reserve slashed the target range for the federal funds rate to 1.5-1.75 percent during its October meeting, the third rate cut so far this year, amid muted inflation pressures and concerns about the economic outlook. But at the same time, the central bank signaled pause in easing cycle as the previous reference that it “will act as appropriate” to sustain the economic expansion was removed from the policy statement. The decision was not unanimous, with two policymakers voting against lowering rates."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/10302019180159.htm
28515Fed Officials Divided on Next Policy Moves10/9/2019 6:19:06 PM"Most Fed policymakers viewed their interest-rate cut as necessary but were increasingly divided on the next monetary policy steps, amid concerns about escalating trade wars, particularly with China, slowing global growth and other developments such as Brexit, minutes of the September meeting showed. Participants agreed that policy was not on a preset course and would depend on the economic outlook."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/10092019181335.htm
28437Fed Cuts Rates Despite Disagreement Among Policymakers9/18/2019 6:46:08 PM"The Federal Reserve lowered the target range for the federal funds rate to 1.75-2 percent on a 7-3 vote during its September meeting. It was the second rate cut this year, amid global growth concerns and muted inflation pressures."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/09182019180129.htm
28313Fed to Act as Appropriate to Support Growth: Powell8/23/2019 2:29:45 PM"The Federal Reserve will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion with a strong labor market and inflation near its 2 percent objective, Chair Jerome H. Powell said on Friday at the central bank’s annual Jackson Hole symposium. The chairman noted that the US economy continues to perform well, but faces significant risks due to ongoing trade tensions; global economic slowdown, notably in Germany and China; and geopolitical uncertainty, including the growing possibility of a hard Brexit, rising tensions in Hong Kong, and the dissolution of the Italian government."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/08232019142529.htm
28303Fed Policymakers Saw July Cut as Mid-Cycle Adjustment8/21/2019 6:33:11 PM"Fed officials viewed their interest-rate cut as an adjustment that would help counter the effects on the outlook of weak global growth and trade policy uncertainty while promoting a faster return of inflation to the central bank's target, minutes of the July meeting showed. Policymakers also noted that further policy action would be guided by incoming information and its implications for the economic outlook and that any appearance of following a preset course should be avoided."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/08212019181732.htm
28205"Fed Lowers Rates, Leaves Door Open to Further Cuts"7/31/2019 8:23:52 PM"The Federal Reserve lowered the target range for the federal funds rate to 2-2.25 percent during its July meeting, the first rate cut since the financial crisis, as inflation remains subdued amid heightened concerns about the economic outlook and ongoing trade tensions with China. The central bank also said it ""will act as appropriate to sustain"" growth but during the press conference Chairman Powell said he did not view the move as the start of a lengthy series of rate cuts."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/07312019180144.htm
28111Many Fed Policymakers See Near-Term Rate Cut: Minutes7/10/2019 6:19:39 PM"Many Fed officials saw that the case for a somewhat more accommodative monetary policy had strengthened amid heightened uncertainties about the economic outlook and muted inflation pressures, minutes of the June meeting showed. Still, some participants agreed that there was not yet a strong case for a rate cut from current levels as they preferred to gather more information on the trajectory of the economy before concluding that a change in policy stance is warranted."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/07102019181157.htm
28108Powell Hints at Rate Cut Amid Increased Uncertainties7/10/2019 1:23:37 PM"Uncertainties about the outlook have increased in recent months and weaker global growth could affect the US economy, Chair Jerome H. Powell said in prepared remarks to Congress, raising expectations that the central bank will be cutting interest rates by at least 25bps when it meets later this month."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/07102019131923.htm
28046Fed is Insulated from Politics: Powell6/25/2019 5:56:41 PM"The Fed is ""insulated from short-term political pressures"", Chair Jerome H. Powell said in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, as policymakers face heavy criticism by President Donald Trump for having raised interest rates last year."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/06252019175431.htm
28025"Fed Holds Rates as Expected, Signals Rate Cuts Later this Year"6/19/2019 6:28:52 PM"The Federal Reserve held the target range for the federal funds rate at 2.25-2.5 percent and left its forecast for 2019 economic growth unchanged while revised higher for 2020. The Fed dropped a promise to be ""patient"" in adjusting rates and said that will act as appropriate to sustain the economic expansion. Fed officials now expect rate cuts in 2019."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/06192019180405.htm
27958Fed is Ready to Act to Support Growth: Powell6/4/2019 2:46:49 PM"The Fed ""will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion, with a strong labor market and inflation near our symmetric 2 percent objective"", Chair Jerome H. Powell said at a conference in Chicago. The chairman also noted that the proximity of interest rates to the effective lower bound (ELB) has become ""the preeminent monetary policy challenge of our time"", as it limits the central bank's ability to support growth by cutting rates."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/06042019144406.htm
27892Fed Policymakers Pledge to Remain Patient on Rates: Minutes5/22/2019 6:32:43 PM"Fed officials agreed that a patient approach to monetary policy would likely remain appropriate for some time even if global conditions continue to improve, especially in an environment of moderate economic growth and muted inflation pressures, minutes of the May meeting showed. The Committee also noted that it is prepared to adjust the size and composition of the balance sheet to achieve its macroeconomic objectives."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/05222019182821.htm
27796"Fed Holds Rates as Expected, Reaffirms Patience Approach"5/1/2019 6:22:41 PM"The Federal Reserve kept the target range for the federal funds rate at 2.25 percent to 2.25 percent during its May meeting, saying that economic activity has been rising at a solid rate and that labour market remains strong. The Committee also reaffirmed its position to be patient about further policy firming."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/05012019180201.htm
27698"Fed Reaffirms ""Patient"" Approach on Rates"4/10/2019 6:27:57 PM"Fed officials do not expect to make any changes to interest rate policy this year amid concerns about ongoing trade talks, Brexit negotiations and the possibility of a greater than expected economic slowdown in Europe and China, minutes of the March meeting showed. Policymakers also noted that their views of the appropriate target range for the federal funds rate could shift in either direction based on incoming data and other developments."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/04102019182757.htm
27609Fed Sees Rates Unchanged in 20193/20/2019 6:14:16 PM"The Federal Reserve held the target range for the federal funds rate at 2.25-2.5 percent during its March meeting and lowered its forecast for US economic growth, as widely expected. Fed officials now expect rates to remain at current levels at least until the end of the year, compared to December's projection of two rate hikes."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/03202019180346.htm
27467Fed Policymakers Unsure on Future Rate Hikes: Minutes2/20/2019 7:38:38 PM"Many Fed officials suggested that it was not yet clear what adjustments to the target range for the federal funds rate may be appropriate later this year, minutes of the January meeting showed. Policymakers also noted that some risks to the downside had increased and pledged to end reductions to its balance sheet before the end of 2019."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/02202019191848.htm