28451Nigeria Keeps Policy Rate at 13.5%9/20/2019 3:59:33 PM"The Central Bank of Nigeria held its monetary policy rate at 13.5 percent during its September meeting, as widely expected, as inflation remains persistently above the Bank's target range of 6-9 percent and economic growth remains sluggish. The bank's governor Godwin Emefiele said at a press conference that tightening rates could constrain growth while loosening it could allow inflation to rise, and that holding rates steady would allow the bank to appraise the impact of current policies, such as changes to the loan to deposit ratios at banks, that comes into force at the end of September, aiming to increase lending and foster growth."NigeriaInterest RateNigeriaIntRate/nigeria/interest-rate
28447South Africa Holds Key Interest Rate Steady at 6.5%9/19/2019 2:08:54 PM"The South African Reserve Bank decided unanimously to leave its benchmark repo rate unchanged at 6.50 percent on September 19th 2019, as widely expected, after trimming it by 25 bps in the prior meeting, despite concerns about economic growth. Policymakers noted that inflation expectations continued to moderate and said that they will continue to focus on anchoring inflation expectations near the mid-point of the inflation target in the interest of balanced and sustainable growth. The bank added that future policy decisions will continue to be highly data-dependent, sensitive to the assessment of the balance of risks to the outlook, and will seek to look-through temporary price shocks."South AfricaInterest RateSARPRT/south-africa/interest-rate
28443Bank Indonesia Slashes Interest Rates for 3rd Month9/19/2019 12:13:03 PM"Bank Indonesia reduced its 7-day reverse repo rate by 25bps to 5.25 percent during its September meeting, in an attempt to boost economic growth amid low inflation expectations. It was the third straight cut in three months, amid growing concerns about global growth due to continued trade tensions and a number of geopolitical risks. The overnight deposit and lending facilities were also trimmed by the same amount to 4.50 percent and 6.00 percent, respectively."IndonesiaInterest RateIDBIRATE/indonesia/interest-rate
28445BoE Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged9/19/2019 11:14:24 AM"The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee voted unanimously to hold the Bank Rate at 0.75 percent during its September policy meeting, as widely expected. The bank also reaffirmed its pledge to gradual and limited rate rises in the event of greater clarity that the economy is on a path to a smooth Brexit, and assuming some recovery in global growth."United KingdomInterest RateUKBRBASE/united-kingdom/interest-rate
28439Brazil Cuts Interest Rate to Fresh Record Low9/19/2019 10:13:53 AM"The Central Bank of Brazil voted unanimously to trim its key Selic rate by 50bps to 5.50 percent during its September meeting, as widely expected. It is the second consecutive rate cut bringing borrowing costs to its lowest on record, amid the global economic slowdown and as key domestic reforms continue to move forward."BrazilInterest RateBZSTSETA/brazil/interest-rate
28444SNB Holds Policy Rate at -0.75%9/19/2019 7:47:52 AM"The Swiss National Bank held the SNB policy rate at -0.75 percent during its September meeting, saying that the expansionary monetary policy continues to be necessary given the latest international developments and the inflation outlook. Policymakers agreed that the situation on the foreign exchange market is still fragile, while the Swiss franc remains highly valued."SwitzerlandInterest RateSZLTTR/switzerland/interest-rate
28441"BoJ Holds Rates, Signals More Easing in October"9/19/2019 4:31:47 AM"The Bank of Japan left its key short-term interest rate unchanged at -0.1 percent at its September meeting, as widely expected, hours after the Federal Reserve lowered rates for the second time this year. Policymakers also kept the target for the 10-year Japanese government bond yield at around zero percent, but said they would review economic and price developments more thoroughly at the next policy meeting, heightening the chance of expanding stimulus as early as October."JapanInterest RateBOJDTR/japan/interest-rate
28437Fed Cuts Rates Despite Disagreement Among Policymakers9/18/2019 6:46:08 PM"The Federal Reserve lowered the target range for the federal funds rate to 1.75-2 percent on a 7-3 vote during its September meeting. It was the second rate cut this year, amid global growth concerns and muted inflation pressures."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/united-states/interest-rate
28407"ECB Cuts Deposit Facility Rate, Restarts Bond-Buying"9/12/2019 1:08:20 PM"The ECB left its main refinancing operations rate unchanged and lowered the deposit interest rate by 10bps to -0.5 percent during its September meeting. The central bank also approved a new round of bond purchases at a monthly pace of €20 billion as from November 1st, in as an attempt to boost growth and inflation amid global trade tensions and Brexit uncertainty."Euro AreaInterest RateEURR002W/euro-area/interest-rate
28406Turkey Cuts Interest Rates by 325bps9/12/2019 11:25:25 AM"The Central Bank of Turkey lowered its one-week repo auction rate by 325bps to 16.50 percent during its September meeting, against market expectations of a 250bps cut. It follows a 425bps rate cut in July as the inflation outlook continues to improve amid a moderate recovery in economic activity. Inflation dropped to 15 percent in August and is expected to fall briefly to single digits in October."TurkeyInterest RateTUIBON/turkey/interest-rate
28402Malaysia Holds Key Interest Rate at 3%9/12/2019 7:55:40 AM"Bank Negara Malaysia held its overnight policy rate at 3 percent during its September meeting, saying growth will continue to be supported by resilient private spending, alongside stable labour market and wage growth. Meanwhile, inflation is expected to remain low."MalaysiaInterest RateMAOPRATE/malaysia/interest-rate
28382Russia Cuts Key Policy Rate to 7%9/6/2019 10:55:21 AM"The Central Bank of Russia cut its benchmark one-week repo rate for the third straight month by 25bps to 7 percent on September 6th as expected, saying inflation slowdown is continuing while inflation expectations remain elevated. Policymakers added that risks of a global economic slowdown have increased while risks of inflation accelerating or slowing down by the year-end are balanced. The central bank trimmed its 2019 growth forecast to 0.8-1.3% from 1.0-1.5% and lowered its end-of-year annual inflation forecast for 2019 to 4.0-4.5% from 4.2-4.7%."RussiaInterest RateRREFRATE/russia/interest-rate
28375Sweden Holds Key Rate at -0.25%9/5/2019 7:43:41 AM"The central bank of Sweden left its key repo rate unchanged at -0.25 percent on September 5th 2019, as widely expected. Policymakers noted that the economy has entered to a calmer phase and inflation is close to the target of 2 percent. The Committee said that there are still major risks that may affect economic developments. Policymakers added the interest rate is expected to be raised towards the end of the year or at the beginning of next year but at a slower pace than in the previous forecast due to worsened sentiment and low interest rates abroad."SwedenInterest RateSWRRATEI/sweden/interest-rate
28371Canada Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged9/4/2019 2:04:14 PM"The Bank of Canada kept its benchmark interest rate steady at 1.75 percent on September 4th 2019, as widely expected. It remained the highest rate since December 2008. Policymakers said that the degree of monetary policy accommodation is appropriate and will pay attention to global developments and their impact on the outlook for Canadian growth and inflation. The Bank Rate and deposit rate were also left unchanged at 2.0 percent and 1.50 percent, respectively."CanadaInterest RateCCLR/canada/interest-rate
28365Chile Cuts Interest Rate By 50 Bps to 2%9/3/2019 10:10:43 PM"The Central Bank of Chile cut its benchmark interest rate by 50 bps to 2 percent at its 3 September 2019 meeting. The unanimous decision was backed by a 10 bps decline in headline inflation (2.2% YoY in July) and triggered by a worsening of the external economic scenario. Policymakers noted that activity, exports and domestic demand indicators came below expectations since the last meeting. They also mentioned that growth expectations for 2019 were revised down to 2.6 percent. They underscored that the convergence of inflation to target will probably take longer than expected, which justifies further monetary stimulus."ChileInterest RateCHOVCHOV/chile/interest-rate
28356Australia Holds Cash Rate Steady at 1%9/3/2019 9:56:16 AM"The Reserve Bank of Australia left the cash rate unchanged at a record low of 1 percent during its September meeting, as widely expected. Policymakers said that it is reasonable to expect that an extended period of low interest rates will be required to make progress in reducing unemployment and achieve progress towards the inflation target. The Committee added that they will continue to monitor the effects of the two consecutive rate cuts in June and July and developments in the labour market."AustraliaInterest RateRBATCTR/australia/interest-rate
28332Bank of Korea Leaves Monetary Policy Unchanged8/30/2019 9:58:31 AM"The Bank of Korea held the 7-day base rate steady at 1.50 percent during its August meeting, following a 25 bps cut last month. Policymakers noted that the pace of domestic economic growth has remained slow while uncertainties concerning the growth path forecast have further increased, due mainly to the escalation of the US-China trade dispute and the heightened geopolitical risks. Meanwhile, inflationary pressures on the demand side are expected to remain subdued. The bank said it will judge whether to adjust the degree of monetary policy accommodation in the near term, while closely examining any changes in macroeconomic and financial stability conditions."South KoreaInterest RateKORP7DR/south-korea/interest-rate
28313Fed to Act as Appropriate to Support Growth: Powell8/23/2019 2:29:45 PM"The Federal Reserve will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion with a strong labor market and inflation near its 2 percent objective, Chair Jerome H. Powell said on Friday at the central bank’s annual Jackson Hole symposium. The chairman noted that the US economy continues to perform well, but faces significant risks due to ongoing trade tensions; global economic slowdown, notably in Germany and China; and geopolitical uncertainty, including the growing possibility of a hard Brexit, rising tensions in Hong Kong, and the dissolution of the Italian government."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/08232019142529.htm
28305ECB Officials Consider Stimulus Package8/22/2019 12:03:45 PM"ECB policymakers noted that the economic growth was likely to be weaker than initially thought this year and a package of stimulus measures would be more effective in combating the slowdown than a sequence of selective actions, minutes of the July meeting showed."Euro AreaInterest RateEURR002W/articles/08222019115510.htm
28304Bank Indonesia Cuts Rates in Shock Move8/22/2019 8:35:06 AM"Bank Indonesia reduced its 7-day reverse repo rate unexpectedly by 25bps to 5.50 percent during its August meeting, the second straight cut in two months, in an attempt to support growth amid low inflation expectations. Last month's rate cut was the first time since September 2017 amid growing concerns about global growth due to continued trade tensions and a number of geopolitical risks. The overnight deposit and lending facilities were also trimmed by the same amount to 4.75 percent and 6.25 percent, respectively."IndonesiaInterest RateIDBIRATE/articles/08222019083258.htm