28648"BoE Holds Rates, 2 MPC Members Vote for Rate Cut"11/7/2019 3:00:33 PM"The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee voted by a majority of 7-2 to hold Bank Rate at 0.75 percent during its October policy meeting, while markets had forecast a unanimous decision, amid Brexit uncertainties and global trade wars. Also, the bank lowered its GDP forecasts, which now point to 1 percent expansion by the end of this year, 1.6 percent by the end of 2020, 1.8 percent by the end of 2021, and 2.1 percent by the end of 2022."United KingdomInterest RateUKBRBASE/united-kingdom/interest-rate
28641Thailand Unexpectedly Cuts Interest Rate to 1.25%11/6/2019 10:43:06 AM"The Bank of Thailand lowered its policy rate by 25 bps to 1.25 percent during its November meeting, bringing the rate to its lowest since 2009, saying that a more accommodative monetary policy stance would contribute to economic growth and support the rise in headline inflation toward target. The bank also announced it will ease rules on outflows in an attempt to curb a stronger currency."ThailandInterest RateBTRR1DAY/thailand/interest-rate
28631Australia Holds Cash Rate at Record Low of 0.75%11/5/2019 10:34:40 AM"The Reserve Bank of Australia left the cash rate unchanged at a record low of 0.75 percent during its October meeting, as widely expected, with policymakers assessing the impact of the three cuts already delivered since June. The board added that given global developments and the evidence of the spare capacity in the economy, it is reasonable to expect that an extended period of low interest rates will be required in Australia to reach full employment and achieve the inflation target. Also, they will continue to monitor the labor market, and are prepared to ease monetary policy further if needed to support sustainable growth, full employment and the achievement of the inflation target over time."AustraliaInterest RateRBATCTR/australia/interest-rate
28634Malaysia Keeps Interest Rate at 3%11/5/2019 10:16:24 AM"Bank Negara Malaysia held its overnight policy rate at 3 percent during its November meeting, as expected, saying growth will continue to be supported by resilient private spending. Household consumption should be driven by stable employment and wage growth while private investment is projected to remain modest. Meantime, inflation is expected to continue hovering at low levels."MalaysiaInterest RateMAOPRATE/malaysia/interest-rate
28600Brazil Trims Interest Rate for 3rd Straight Meeting10/31/2019 11:29:42 AM"The Central Bank of Brazil voted unanimously to trim its key Selic rate by 50 bps to 5.0 percent during its October meeting. It was the third consecutive rate cut bringing borrowing costs to its lowest on record, amid the global economic slowdown and a more gradual pace of recovery than expected, as underscored in the latest press release."BrazilInterest RateBZSTSETA/brazil/interest-rate
28601BoJ Holds Rates but Hints at Future Cuts10/31/2019 10:53:22 AM"The Bank of Japan left its key short-term interest rate unchanged at -0.1 percent during its October meeting, while giving a stronger signal it may cut interest rates in the near future to support growth. The decision came in hours after the Federal Reserve lowered rates for the third time this year but signaled a pause in further easing."JapanInterest RateBOJDTR/japan/interest-rate
28599Fed Cuts Rates but Signals Pause to Easing Cycle10/30/2019 7:03:06 PM"The Federal Reserve slashed the target range for the federal funds rate to 1.5-1.75 percent during its October meeting, the third rate cut so far this year, amid muted inflation pressures and concerns about the economic outlook. But at the same time, the central bank signaled pause in easing cycle as the previous reference that it “will act as appropriate” to sustain the economic expansion was removed from the policy statement. The decision was not unanimous, with two policymakers voting against lowering rates."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/united-states/interest-rate
28598Canada Holds Interest Rate at 1.75%10/30/2019 2:03:18 PM"The Bank of Canada left its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 1.75 percent on October 30th 2019, as widely expected. It remained the highest rate since December 2008. Policymakers said that in considering the appropriate path for monetary policy they will monitor the extent to which the global slowdown spreads. The Committee added that they will pay attention to global developments as the resilience of the economy will be tested amid persistent trade conflicts and uncertainty. The Bank Rate and deposit rate were also left unchanged at 2.0 percent and 1.50 percent, respectively."CanadaInterest RateCCLR/canada/interest-rate
28584"Russia Cuts Key Rate to 6.5%, More than Expected"10/25/2019 11:12:32 AM"The Central Bank of Russia slashed its benchmark one-week repo rate by 50bps to 6.50 percent on October 25th, surprising markets who expected a 25bps reduction. It is the fourth rate cut this year, as inflation slowdown is overshooting the forecast and inflation expectations continue to decrease. The central bank lowered its annual inflation outlook for 2019 to 3.2–3.7% from 4.0–4.5%."RussiaInterest RateRREFRATE/russia/interest-rate
28578ECB Hold Rates; Open to Further Stimulus10/24/2019 11:56:52 AM"The European Central Bank kept rates on hold during Mr. Draghi’s final meeting on October 24th with the main refinancing rate remaining at 0 and the deposit rate at -0.5 percent. The bank said it expects key interest rates to remain at their present or lower levels until inflation moves towards close to, but below, 2% within its projection horizon."Euro AreaInterest RateEURR002W/euro-area/interest-rate
28577Turkey Cuts Interest Rates by 250bps10/24/2019 11:04:06 AM"The Central Bank of Turkey slashed its one-week repo auction rate by 250bps to 14 percent during its October meeting, more than market expectations of a 100bps cut. It follows a 325bps rate cut in September, as inflation outlook continues to improve amid a moderate recovery in economic activity. Inflation declined to single digits in October mainly due to a slowdown in cost of food and housing."TurkeyInterest RateTUIBON/turkey/interest-rate
28574Bank Indonesia Cuts Rates for 4th Month10/24/2019 7:57:44 AM"Bank Indonesia lowered its 7-day reverse repo rate by 25bps to 5.0 percent during its October meeting, as widely expected. It is the fourth consecutive rate cut, bringing borrowing costs to the lowest since May last year, in an attempt to boost economic growth amid low inflation expectations. The overnight deposit and lending facilities were also trimmed by the same amount to 4.25 percent and 5.75 percent, respectively."IndonesiaInterest RateIDBIRATE/indonesia/interest-rate
28571Chile Cuts Interest Rate to 1.75% Amid Social Unrest10/23/2019 9:42:55 PM"The Central Bank of Chile lowered its benchmark interest rate by 25 bps to 1.75 percent at its October 2019 meeting, as widely expected. It is the third rate cut so far this year and comes after a 50-bps cut in September, bringing borrowing costs to the lowest since 2010. Policymakers underscored that social unrest observed last and this week will affect economic activity in the short term. They also mentioned that so far the impact on financial variables has been moderate, particularly observed in the peso’s depreciation and a decline in stock prices. The Committee added that further monetary easing could be observed ahead, especially considering recent macroeconomic events."ChileInterest RateCHOVCHOV/chile/interest-rate
28544South Korea Cuts Key Rate by 25 Bps to 1.25%10/16/2019 9:52:00 AM"The Bank of Korea lowered its policy rate by 25 basis points to its lowest level in two years of 1.25 percent in a 5-2 vote. This was the second rate cut in three months, amid mounting deflationary pressures and a slowdown in the economy, with consumption growth weakening and sluggishness in exports and facilities investment persisting. The bank added that growth this year is expected to fall below the 2.2 percent projection made in July, amid the prolonged US-China trade dispute and the heightened geopolitical risks. Policymakers left the door open for further easing although a split vote on the latest move suggested the next reduction may not be imminent."South KoreaInterest RateKORP7DR/south-korea/interest-rate
28522ECB Officials Divided on September's Stimulus Package10/10/2019 12:27:01 PM"Several ECB policymakers opposed the new bond purchases and a multi-tier deposit rate, even as all members reiterated the need for a highly accommodative stance of monetary policy for a prolonged period of time, minutes of the September meeting showed."Euro AreaInterest RateEURR002W/articles/10102019122701.htm
28515Fed Officials Divided on Next Policy Moves10/9/2019 6:19:06 PM"Most Fed policymakers viewed their interest-rate cut as necessary but were increasingly divided on the next monetary policy steps, amid concerns about escalating trade wars, particularly with China, slowing global growth and other developments such as Brexit, minutes of the September meeting showed. Participants agreed that policy was not on a preset course and would depend on the economic outlook."United StatesInterest RateFDTR/articles/10092019181335.htm
28501"RBI Cuts Key Lending Rate, Slashes Growth Forecasts"10/4/2019 7:36:59 AM"The Reserve Bank of India lowered its benchmark repo rate by 25 bps to 5.15 percent during its October meeting, as widely expected. This was the fifth straight rate cut so far this year, in an attempt to boost slowing economic growth."IndiaInterest RateRSPOYLD/india/interest-rate
28490RBA Cuts Rates to All-Time Low10/1/2019 9:31:27 AM"The Reserve Bank of Australia lowered its cash rate by 25 bps to a new record low of 0.75 percent during its September meeting, the third rate cut this year, aiming to support employment and income growth and to provide greater confidence that inflation will be consistent with the medium-term target. Policymakers also signalled the need for an extended period of low interest rates, while saying the central bank is prepared to ease monetary policy further if needed."AustraliaInterest RateRBATCTR/articles/10012019051711.htm
28464Philippines Trims Key Rate to 4%9/26/2019 9:19:50 AM"The central bank of the Philippines cut its overnight reverse repurchase facility by 25bps to 4 percent on September 26th 2019, as widely expected. It is the third slash so far this year and follows a 25 bps cut in the previous meeting, aiming to boost sluggish economy. Policymakers said that the decision is based on its assessment that price pressures have slowed further since the previous meeting and added that the benign inflation outlook provides room for a further reduction in the policy rate."PhilippinesInterest RatePhilippinesIntRate/philippines/interest-rate
28460"New Zealand Holds Rates at 1%, Signals More Easing If Needed"9/25/2019 2:21:40 AM"The Reserve Bank of New Zealand left its official cash rate/OCR unchanged at a record low of 1 percent at its September 2019 meeting, as widely expected. The move follows a 25 bps cut in the previous meeting. Policymakers said there remains scope for more fiscal and monetary stimulus, if necessary, to support the economy and maintain inflation and employment objectives."New ZealandInterest RateNZOCRS/new-zealand/interest-rate