AlbaniaBalance of Trade/albania/balance-of-trade"Albania’s structural deficiencies are the main factor behind consistent trade deficits. Albania’s main exports are footwear, clothing, metals, fuels and lubricants, raw materials, machinery and equipment and food. Albania’s main imports are machinery and equipment, fuels and lubricants, food, chemicals and beverages and tobacco. Albania’s main trading partners are Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, France, Macedonia and Bulgaria."ALBANIABALRADEBalance of TradeTrade
AlbaniaGDP Growth Rate YoY/albania/gdp-growth-annual"In Albania, the most important component on the expenditure side of the GDP is household consumption (78 percent) followed by gross fixed capital formation (26 percent) and government expenditure (11 percent). Net exports of goods and services subtracts 18 percent from the GDP as exports accounts for 35 percent and imports for 53 percent."ALBANIAGDPATEGDP Annual Growth RateGDP
AlbaniaInflation Rate YoY/albania/inflation-cpi"In Albania, the most important category in the consumer price index is Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (36.1 percent of total weight). Housing and Utilities account for 20.3 percent; Furniture, Household Goods and Maintenance for 7.4 percent; Transport for 6.3 percent; Alcoholic beverages and Tobacco for 5 percent and Miscellaneous Goods and Services for 4.9 percent. Clothing and Footwear; Health; Education; Recreation and Culture; Communication and Restaurants and Hotels account for the remaining 20 percent of total weight."ALBANIAINFNRATEInflation RatePrices
AlbaniaConsumer Confidence/albania/consumer-confidence"In Albania, the Consumer Confidence Indicator survey covers consumers' sentiment about current and future financial situation; general economic situation and purchase and savings opportunities. The Consumer Confidence Indicator measures consumer confidence on a scale of -100 to 100, where -100 indicates extreme lack of confidence, 0 neutrality and 100 extreme confidence."ALBANIACONCONConsumer ConfidenceConsumer
AlbaniaGDP Growth Rate QoQ/albania/gdp-growth"Albania’s most important sector is services (60 percent of GDP) with banking, communications and tourism driving the growth. The manufacturing industry accounts for 20 percent of GDP. The remaining 20 percent goes to agriculture which is dominated by small family owned operations and employs almost half of the labour force. Remittances also have a big importance for the economy and account for around 8 percent of GDP. On the expenditure side, household consumption is the main component of GDP and accounts for 78 percent of its total use, followed by gross fixed capital formation (26 percent) and government expenditure (11 percent, as collective expenditure accounts for 6 percent and individual expenditure accounts for 5 percent). By contrast, net exports of goods and services contributes negatively accounting for -18 percent of total GDP, as exports accounts for 35 percent while imports accounts for a much higher 53 percent."ALBANIAGDPRATEGDP Growth RateGDP
AlbaniaInterest Rate Decision/albania/interest-rate"In Albania, interest rate decisions are taken by the Bank of Albania. The official interest rate is the 1-week repo rate."ALBANIAINTTRATEInterest RateMoney
AlbaniaHarmonised Inflation Rate YoY/albania/harmonised-consumer-pricesALBANIAHARCONPRIHarmonised Consumer PricesPrices
AlbaniaPPI YoY/albania/producer-prices-change"In Albania, the Producer Price change measures the year over year change in price of goods and services sold by manufacturers and producers in the wholesale market during a given period."ALBANIAPROPRICHAProducer Prices ChangePrices
AlbaniaHarmonised Inflation Rate YoY/albania/harmonised-consumer-pricesALBANIAHARCONPRIHarmonised Consumer PricesPrices
AlbaniaBusiness Confidence/albania/business-confidence"In Albania, the Industrial Confidence Indicator measures entrepreneurs’ sentiment about production expectations, employment, order books and stocks of finished products. The Index is seasonally adjusted and varies between -100 and 100. The ICI equals -100 when there is extreme lack of confidence, 0 indicates neutrality and 100 extreme confidence."ALBANIABUSCONBusiness ConfidenceBusiness