380298Mexico Inflation Rate Softens for 5th Month7/7/2023 12:11:00 PM"Mexican annual inflation fell for the fifth straight month to hit 5.06% in June 2023, the lowest since March of 2021 and compared with market forecasts of 5.02%. Inflation has been steadily cooling since February of this year, but remains above Banxico’s target of 3%, plus or minus a percentage point. There was a generalized slowdown in prices across CPI categories, primarily food & non-alcoholic beverages (7.68% vs 9.10% in May); alcoholic beverages & tobacco (7.63% vs 8.61%); restaurants & hotels (10.34% vs 10.86%) and miscellaneous goods & services (9.07% vs 9.45%). Additionally, prices fell for housing & utilities (-1.09% vs -0.38%) and communications (-3.67% vs -3.19%). The annual core inflation rate also fell, but much less than the headline figure to an over one-year low of 6.89% from 7.39% the month before. Compared to the previous month, the CPI edged up 0.10%, broadly in line with market estimates, after a 0.22% decrease in May, which was the sharpest since April 2020."MexicoInflation RateMXCPYOY/mexico/inflation-cpi2
377791Mexico Inflation Rate Falls for 4th Month6/8/2023 12:16:00 PM"Annual inflation rate in Mexico eased for a fourth consecutive month to 5.84% in May of 2023, the lowest since August of 2021, below market forecasts of 5.9%. Still, the inflation remained well above the central bank’s 2.0%–4.0% target range. Prices for food, beverages and tobacco slowed (11.44% vs 12.14% in April) and energy costs fell at a faster pace (-5.48% vs -4.21%). On the other hand, inflation was steady for housing (3.67%) and education (4.88%). Core inflation rate also fell, but much less than the headline figure to 7.39% from 7.67%. Compared to the previous month, the CPI fell 0.22%, the sharpest decline since April of 2020, led by a 0.34% drop in cost of agricultural products and a 4.77% decline in energy prices, mainly due to the adjustments in electricity rates for the warm season in 11 cities. The core CPI rose 0.32% on the month."MexicoInflation RateMXCPYOY/mexico/inflation-cpi2
375068Mexico Inflation Rate Drops Further to 1-1/2-Year Low5/9/2023 12:16:00 PM"Mexico’s annual inflation rate fell to a 1-1/2-year low of 6.25% in April 2023, easing from 6.85% in March, and remaining only slightly above market forecasts of 6.23%. However, inflation was still well above the Central Bank’s 2.0%–4.0% target range. Prices grew at a slower pace for several CPI categories, primarily food & non-alcoholic beverages (10.05% vs 11.04% in March); restaurants & hotels (11.31% vs 11.58%); miscellaneous goods & services (9.89% vs 10.25%); furnishings & household equipment (6.67% vs 7.15%); and clothing & footwear (5.60% vs 5.78%). Moreover, prices fell for communications (-3.13% vs -3.22%) and housing & utilities (-0.05% vs 0.63%). The annual core inflation rate remained elevated but fell further to a nine-month low of 7.67%, almost in line with market expectations of 7.7%. On a monthly basis, consumer prices edged down by 0.02% in April, after a 0.27% increase in the prior month and compared with market estimates of a 0.04% fall."MexicoInflation RateMXCPYOY/mexico/inflation-cpi2
372014Mexican Inflation Slows to 17-Month Low4/5/2023 12:27:00 PM"Mexico’s annual inflation rate fell to 6.86% in March of 2023, the lowest since October 2021, from 7.62% in the previous month and roughly in line with market estimates of 6.9%. Amid a 2.23% annual decline in energy prices, inflation slowed for food and non-alcoholic beverages (11.01% vs 12.29% in February), housing and utilities (0.63% vs 2.13%), transportation (5.36% vs 6.09%), and restaurants and hotels (11.58% vs 12.01%). In the meantime, the annual core inflation rate remained elevated but fell to a seven-month low of 8.09%, marginally ahead of market expectations of 8.07%. On a monthly basis, Mexican consumer prices edged 0.27% higher, slowing from the 0.56% increase in February."MexicoInflation RateMXCPYOY/mexico/inflation-cpi2
369572Mexico Inflation Rate Drops to Near 1-Year Low3/9/2023 12:10:00 PM"Mexico’s annual inflation rate eased to 7.62% in February 2023, down from 7.91% in January, as expected, though still above Banxico's 2%–4.0% target range. It was the lowest reading since March last year, amid slowing prices of food (12.29% vs 12.77% in January); miscellaneous goods & services (10% vs 10.14%); restaurants & hotels (12.01% vs 12.32%); furnishings & household equipment (7.79% vs 8.55%); transportation (6.09% vs 6.53%) and clothing & footwear (6.02% vs 6.18%). The annual core inflation rate fell to a five-month low of 8.29% in February, from 8.45% in the prior month, below market estimates of 8.35%. On a monthly basis, consumer prices went up by 0.56% in February, slowing from a 0.68% increase in January slightly below market expectations of a 0.61% rise. Early in the month, Mexican President Lopez Obrador said he had talked with a number of regional counterparts to launch a joint anti-inflation plan, which would include eliminating some tariffs and other trade measures."MexicoInflation RateMXCPYOY/mexico/inflation-cpi2