209461Poland Current Account Deficit Larger than Expectations10/15/2021 8:43:58 AM"Poland’s current account posted a EUR 1686 million deficit in August of 2021, switching from a EUR 995 million surplus in the same period of the previous year and well above a EUR 896 million shortfall. It was the largest deficit since December of 2018. The goods account recorded a EUR 1413 million deficit, compared to a EUR 793 million surplus in August of 2021, as imports jumped 32.8 percent while exports rose at a slower 19.3 percent. Also, service surplus narrowed to EUR 1,797 million from EUR 1,935 million and the secondary income account posted a EUR 84 million surplus, switching from a EUR 22 million gap."PolandCurrent AccountPOQECBCA/poland/current-account
209430Egypt Current Account Gap Widens in Q210/15/2021 3:45:48 AM"Egypt's current account deficit increased to USD 5.13 billion in the second quarter of 2021 from USD 3.83 billion in the corresponding month of the previous year, as imports surged and tourism was slow to bounce back to pre-COVID-19 levels. Imports jumped to USD 19.59 billion in the quarter from USD 13.83 billion a year earlier, amid a strong currency. Meanwhile, tourism revenue surged to USD 1.75 billion in the second quarter of the year from a low of USD 0.31 billion in the same quarter 2020, due to the coronavirus crisis in April – June 2020. Considering the financial year of 2020/2021 to the end of June, the current account deficit, hit by the pandemic, widened to USD 18.4 billion from USD 11.2 billion."EgyptCurrent AccountEgyptCA/egypt/current-account
209374Latvia Current Account Switches to Deficit in August10/14/2021 11:45:58 AM"Latvia’s current account switched to a deficit of EUR 28 million in August of 2021 from a EUR 1 million surplus in the corresponding month of the previous year. The goods account deficit widened to EUR 249 million from EUR 144 million; the services surplus was virtually unchanged at EUR 146 million from 147 million, and the secondary income surplus eased to EUR 39 million from EUR 63 million. On the other hand, the primary income account recorded a surplus of EUR 36 million from a deficit of EUR 64 million."LatviaCurrent AccountLatviaCA/latvia/current-account
209367Romania Current Account Gap Narrows in August10/14/2021 10:38:21 AM"Romania’s current account deficit narrowed to EUR 1.2 billion in August of 2021, from EUR 1.3 billion in the same month last year as both services surplus increased to 0.69 billion from EUR 0.67 billion a year earlier and secondary income surplus expanded to EUR 0.33 billion from EUR 0.28 billion. Also, the primary income gap narrowed to EUR 0.37 billion from EUR 0.6 billion. Meanwhile, the goods deficit rose to EUR 1.8 billion from EUR 1.6 billion."RomaniaCurrent AccountRomaniaCA/romania/current-account
209353Lithuania August Current Account Surplus Narrows in August10/14/2021 8:42:51 AM"Lithuania’s current account surplus fell to EUR 168.5 million in August of 2021 from EUR 401.81 million in the corresponding month of the previous year. The goods account recorded a EUR 145.81 million deficit, switching from a EUR 79.78 million surplus a year earlier while the service surplus widened to EUR 427.73 million from EUR 412.65 million. Additionally, the primary income gap narrowed to 141.38 million from EUR 156.72 million and secondary income surplus shrank to EUR 27.96 million from EUR 66.1 million a year earlier."LithuaniaCurrent AccountLithuaniaCA/lithuania/current-account