144208Lithuania Current Account Surplus Shrinks in February4/15/2021 10:44:32 AM"Lithuania’s current account surplus narrowed to EUR 244.1 million in February of 2021 from EUR 278.8 million in the corresponding month of the previous year. The services surplus shrank to EUR 244.1 million from EUR 278.8 million a year earlier and the primary income deficit widened to EUR 85.2 billion from EUR 81.5 billion. Also, the secondary income account posted a EUR 20 million deficit, switching from a EUR 45.8 million surplus while the goods gap decreased to EUR 3.7 million from EUR 123.2 million."LithuaniaCurrent AccountLithuaniaCA/lithuania/current-account
143958Polish Current Account Surplus Narrows Less than Expected4/13/2021 12:17:29 PM"Poland’s current account surplus narrowed to EUR 1,619 million in February 2021 from EUR 1,738 million in the corresponding month of the previous year, above market expectations of EUR 1,602 million. The services surplus went down to EUR 2,490 million from EUR 2,606 million, while the secondary income gap rose to EUR 541 million from EUR 149 million. On the other hand, the goods surplus rose to EUR 883 million from EUR 791 million, as exports climbed 6.2 percent and imports rose a slower 6.0 percent, and the primary income deficit narrowed to EUR 1,213 million from EUR 1,510 million."PolandCurrent AccountPOQECBCA/poland/current-account
143806Turkey Current Account Gap Widens in February4/12/2021 7:19:00 AM"The current account deficit in Turkey increased to USD 2.61 billion in February of 2021 from USD 1.38 billion a year earlier and compared with market consensus of a 2.575 billion shortfall. The goods deficit widened to USD 2.06 billion from USD 1.93 billion a year earlier and the services surplus fell sharply to USD 0.49 billion from USD 1.48 billion amid lower tourism revenues. At the same time, the primary income gap rose to USD 1.17 billion from USD 0.78 billion, while the secondary account shifted to a surplus of USD 0.13 billion compared to a deficit of USD 0.13 billion in February of 2020."TurkeyCurrent AccountTUCAL/turkey/current-account
143789Finnish Current Account Swings to Surplus in February4/12/2021 5:27:52 AM"The current account in Finland posted a EUR 0.4 billion surplus in February 2021, shifting from a EUR 0.68 billion deficit in the same month a year earlier, as the goods account saw a surplus of EUR 0.21 billion following a deficit of EUR 0.3 billion in the prior year. In addition, the surplus of primary income widened sharply to EUR 0.66 billion from EUR 0.29 billion. Meantime, the deficit of services account narrowed to EUR 0.28 billion from EUR 0.45 billion a year earlier, while that of secondary income was little changed at EUR 0.23 billion."FinlandCurrent AccountFICAEUR/finland/current-account
143743Russia Current Account Surplus Shrinks in Q14/9/2021 3:41:16 PM"Russia's current account surplus narrowed to USD 16.8 billion in the first quarter of 2021 from USD 23 billion in the corresponding period of the previous year, preliminary estimates showed. The goods surplus fell to USD 24.4 billion from USD 33.1 billion; the investment gap widened to USD 3.7 billion from USD 1.7 billion and the secondary income shortfall rose to USD 1.5 billion from USD 1.2 billion. Meantime, the services gap shrank to USD 2.6 billion from USD 6.6 billion."RussiaCurrent AccountRUCACAL/russia/current-account