146650Italy 10Y Bond Yield Hits 33-week High5/11/2021 1:26:04 PMItaly 10 Year Government Bond Yield increased to a 33-week high of 0.951%italyGovernment Bond 10YGBTPGR10/italy/government-bond-yield
146649Baltic Exchange Dry Index Rises for 2nd Day5/11/2021 1:24:00 PM"The Baltic Dry Index rose 0.4% to 3,254 on Tuesday, extending gains for a second straight session, supported by the recent rally in iron ore prices alongside worries on capacity constraints. The panamax index which tracks cargoes of about 60,000 to 70,000 tonnes of coal and iron ore, advanced 2.3% to 3,082; and the capesize index, which tracks iron ore and coal cargos of 150,000-tonnes, went up 0.8% to 5,068. Among smaller vessels, the supramax index added 29 points to 2,245."CommodityCommodityBALTIC/commodity/baltic
146648Sugar Hits 10-week High5/11/2021 1:10:36 PMSugar increased to a 10-week high of 17.98 USd/LbscommoditycommoditySB1/commodity/sugar
146647Latvia Trade Deficit Shrinks in March5/11/2021 12:39:19 PM"Latvia's trade deficit shrank to EUR 163.6 million in March of 2021 from EUR 232.9 million in the same month a year ago. It was the largest monthly trade shortfall since December 2020, as exports advanced 20.6 percent year-on-year to EUR 1340 million, with sales rising primarily for wood and wood products (35.1%); electrical machinery and equipment (21.4%); and machinery and mechanical appliances (29.7%). Exports to EU countries rose by 23.9 percent and those to CIS countries went up by 6.3 percent. Meantime, imports advanced at a slower 11.9 percent to EUR 1503.6 million, boosted by electrical machinery and equipment (26.1%); machinery and mechanical appliances (23.6%) and vehicles other that railway or tramway rolling stock (12.7%). Imports rose from both EU countries (10.2 percent) and CIS countries (21.6 percent)."LatviaBalance of TradeLatviaBT/latvia/balance-of-trade
146646Stocks in Euro Area Hit 5-week Low5/11/2021 12:30:04 PMEU50 decreased to a 5-week low of 3919Euro AreaStock MarketSX5E/euro-area/stock-market